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For creative professionals.

We attract the best talent by paying the best rates— fully transparent with 70% paid to you for all your projects. And we’re matching you up, in creative ways.



Apply in a jiffy.
Summarize your greatness.

Apply to join our liberated workforce and earn some dough for what you know. We're growing like crazy, looking for experienced writers in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom to join our workforce.



Build your profile.
Jump through a few hoops.

Once you jump through a few hoops like building out your profile and portfolio, we'll start marketing you to brands and agencies. Verification of your expertise and proficiency is part of our process, so if you're not cool with that, run for the hills.


No crowds here.
But expertise required.

Design is an art and science that defines your brand, not random ideas tossed in from the crowd. Artistic skills and expertise requires years to develop and learn. Science is required to learn what works and what does not work with marketing. Do you have both nailed?



Advance your career.
Earn the best pay rates.

We attract the best freelancers because we pay the best rates: 70% to you and 30% to us. And you get paid every two weeks for all work completed. You determine the price for projects directly with clients, and we manage the escrow so you get paid.


Growth Hub.
Fortify your smartitude.

You’ll get special membership to our Growth Hub at Content Marketing Conference—our annual conference we host for freelancers, clients in Boston. Membership includes access to the tools and resources you need to advance your content marketing career, including an online course, videos, templates, plans and more. GET STARTED NOW

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