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A few more details.
Frequently asked questions.

Explore how WriterAccess offers everything you need for content marketing success. And request a discussion or demo of how we'll save you time.

Any managed service?
How much does it cost?

Try managed service starting at $349/month. We'll assign a dedicated rep to your account that recommends talent, sets up orders, and streamlines the workflow. Request custom pricing if and when you need it, for low hourly rates. Pay month to month with no long term commitment. You can Explore Managed Service details or Request a Demo Now.


How are projects priced?
What are star levels?

Make escrow deposits separately for each order or project, released only when you approve the work. Use our star rating system pinpoint freelancers in your price range, to help match skills with your budget. Pay flat rate fees for projects(design), or 2 cents to $1.00+ per word for content projects. Request quotes directly with talent, if needed to confirm a fair price.


What's the delight policy?
How do I get a refund?

Our delight policy is pretty simple. Give us a whirl with a 14-day trial. We won't charge your card for 14 days, and you can anytime. Only pay for the content you approve, with unlimited revisions. Not delighted? Don't pay. Period. Talk to Us anytime with questions, or to cancel your account.


Content purchased separately.
Delight guaranteed.

Purchase writing and design service separately from your subscription. Pay by the word for content projects, or by the project for design services. We recommend you pay more for more complex projects with higher visibility, skills, and expertise requirements.

Content Projects


Design Projects


2 Star Projects
Core Skills
Easy Execution
Theme Goals
3 Star Projects
Basic Skills
Topic Familiarity
Industry Understanding
4 Star Projects
Advanced Skills
Audience Empathy
Industry Knowledge
5 Star Projects
Specialty Skills
Topic Command
Enticing Imagery
Industry Experience
6 Star Projects
Skill Mastery
Technical Expertise
Conversion Prowess
Industry Wizardry

More Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Why the platform subscription fee?
    WriterAccess and DesignerAccess are WAY more than a marketplace to connect with freelancers. Our software is designed for marketing professionals to streamline the workflow and publish content at scale. Our small monthly fees of are well below industry standard to benefit our customers that can invest MORE with freelancers, and LESS with technology.
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    How much does content cost?
    You purchase content separately from your software subscription fee. You can place orders for services with the price you want to pay for freelancers to accept and deliver to your expectations. You may also request quotes from frrelancers. And your escrow deposits for orders and projects are not paid until you approve the work, so your delighted is 100% guaranteed.
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    Can I bring my in-house writers and team into WriterAccess?
    Yes. The WriterAccess Premium Subscription offer workflow tools enabling you to bring in your freelance writers to the platform. When you BYO your freelance we'll manage all the payments at the rates you establish with your freelancers, and charge a 10% processing fee for payments, tax filing management, and more.
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    Can I pay with invoices instead of credit cards?
    For larger projects and US-based companies that qualify, we offer pre-pay invoicing services that can be negotiated, saving credit card transaction fees and aligning with your payment policy for vendors.
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    How does Managed Service work?
    You can add Managed Service to your program at any time, starting at $349 for our essential program that's paid month-to-month without any long term commitments. Take a look at our Managed Service Detail page for more information and specifics on how we can do all the heavy lifting, so you have more time to run your business or agency.
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    What is your subscription cancellation policy?
    Try WriterAccess for 14 days risk free trial of the platform. After 14 days, you’ll be charged monthly for the service, and you can cancel next payments anytime. Annual deposits for subscription fees are not refundable. Simply notify us by email, phone or help desk ticket to cancel your account.
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    Who owns the copyright?
    Once you approve and pay for content from any writer you contract at WriterAccess, you own the copyright. If you do not approve the content created to your specification, the writer owns the copyright and can use it with another client.
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    What's the WriterAccess and DesignerAccess connection?
    WriterAccess and DesignerAccess are both owned and operated by the same team. Customers and talent all work within the WriterAccess platform currently, but one day we may develop a new brand name for the business for a more holistic communication strategy.
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