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Laura has been a graphic designer and freelancer for four years. She specializes in creating brand advertisement campaigns, logo and website designs, and brand identity campaigns. Laura focuses her work in being able to give her clients a brand identity that allows their clients to build brand recognition and loyalty. Additionally, she has worked as a visual data analyst executing new and innovated ways to look at and receive data. Laura is not only a graphic designer but she has vast experience working with all Adobe Suite Applications, multiple website builders, working with both Microsoft and Mac, and she is an illustrator and painter. Laura is able to use different art skills to bring the clients ideas and dreams into a reality.
Graphic Designer
Illustration: Digital
Abstract Art
Web Designer
Animation: 3D
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Laura specializes in creating new and innovated logos, color schemes, advertisement techniques and marketing tools . She is a reliable, detail oriented punctual individual. She has a vast knowledge in different fields which allows her to be able to work with anything a client may have in mind.


Laura's interests are all things art such as digital design and drawings, painting murals or painting on canvases, collaging, animation, and much more. She has knowledge in different types of mediums which allow her to create different kinds of work.


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Laura studied Visual Art with a concentration in New Media and Design and a minor in marketing


50 Projects Completed

Laura has worked with different businesses creating their visual graphics, advertisements, and marketing campaigns.


160 Projects Completed

Laura has experience in creating logos for an extensive amount of companies for over four years. She is able to take a company's vision, name, and look into a memorable icon for clients to remember and love.


150 Projects Completed

Laura has an extensive background in creating advertisements for multiple events, companies, and products. She uses uplifting color-scheme, catching wording, and overall a clean readable layout.

Abstract Art

100 Projects Completed

Laura has created many different types of abstract art using different mediums. She has experience with commission work where she is asked to make different types of abstract work for websites, social media accounts, and even decorations and gifts.

Illustration: Digital

100 Projects Completed

Laura has made different digitals drawings for advertisements, marketing campaigns, products, and much more. She is able to use different kinds of art to create just what the client is looking for. She is able to draw cartoons, abstract images, photorealistic images, and any other type of art form.

Animation: 3D

20 Projects Completed

Laura has worked with 3D animation for 3 years and has good understanding of space and reality when creating anything her clients need. She uses 3D animation in things such as environment visualization, data visualization, and even cartoons.


20 Projects Completed

Laura has created different brochures for different companies that allow for her to show the clients mission statement, products and services in eye-catching manner.


20 Projects Completed

Websites are one of Laura's top expertise. She is able to create an easy to navigate and eye-catching site in order to allow customers to focus on the clients services and products rather than the navigation on the site.

Photography: Products

20 Projects Completed

Laura has use product photography to enhance her clients websites, advertisements, and much more. She is able to capture and edit different type of products for different kinds of advertising.


15 Projects Completed

Laura has had experience with different types of infographics for movements, products, organizations, and much more. She is able to use graphics to allow viewers an easy understanding of different types of data and information.

Banner Ad

10 Projects Completed

Laura has created banner ads for different companies to grasp potential customers attention with fun and clean graphics and typography

Book Covers

7 Projects Completed

Laura has created different book covers for different genres that allow the viewer to have a catchy and informative image to look at to grasp viewers into learning more about the book.

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