Emir H
Designer #56965
Joined 2/21/2021
6 Star Rating
1,320 Projects
2019 – 2021
Student Assistant – Graphic Designer
Istanbul Commerce Üniversitesi / Part Time position

2017 – Present
External Consultant for Design
ITSolutions / IT Agency, Sarajevo

2016 – Unpaid leave
Senior Assistant
Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department International University of Sarajevo

2017 (Mar – Oct)
Aces HK / Hong Kong / Freelance Graphic Designer

2017 (May-Jun)
Designer and photo editor
Index HR / Zagreb/Croatia

2015 – 2016
Graphic Designer and Video Editor,
Freelence Prestige Realty Advisors (US)
Design of Promotional Material, Marketing
Graphic Designer
Banner Ad
Abstract Art
2 More


Graphic Design
Visual Identıty
Social Media Design
Newsletter Design
Catalogue Design
Brochure Design
Book Cover Design
Book Layout Design
Magazine Design
Newspaper Design
Stationary Design
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Poster Design
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects


Design Education
Visual Arts
Media Education
Visual and Media Literacy
Sport industry
Social Media Research


International University of Sarajevo

Master degree was acquired in field of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at International University of Sarajevo.

Istanbul Commerce University

Ongoing - Doctoral degree in field of Media and Communication at newly established Institute for Internet and Communication Sciences at the Istanbul Commerce University.


400 Projects Completed

This number is related to the number of posts Emir has created for the BWT Aesthetic company whose mission is promoting medical and health tourism in Turkey.


300 Projects Completed

Emir is in the educational sector from the beginning of his career. Paralel with the Senior assistant position he has been doing and creating graphic design materials for International University of Sarajevo and Istanbul Commerce University.


10 Projects Completed

As part of freelance Emir has been designing catalogs, brochures, flyers and social media posts for several engineering companies.

Banner Ad

150 Projects Completed

This is maybe the most often type of contet he has been creating for the different range of clients.


50 Projects Completed

Emir's background includes academic, agency and freelance graphic design experience, with a history of leading print, interactive and digital design projects. He has been working on nationwide and international marketing, advertising, and image campaigns for domestic and global brands and companies.


50 Projects Completed

He has done many brochures in different styles and format, from the bi fold, three fold, six fold until the custom folded brochures.


30 Projects Completed

One of Emir's favourite content type where he feels the complete freedom in creating design. He has done infographic projects for different NGOs in homeland and abroad


30 Projects Completed

Emir has done many newsletter design mostly for the universities he has been working with, the International University of Sarajevo and Istanbul Commerce University.


20 Projects Completed

One of the most often job he has been receiving in the past few years, logo design and full branding.
Some of the companies he did logotype for:
1. Ulubey Energy
2. Wicewa (Online store)
3. Srce za Bliznje (NGO)
4. Etlolye (online store for furniture)
5. Prevencija.ba
7. KIAP (institutialization project in Turkey)
8. Zanzibar (Non alcoholic beverage)
10. Conference Logotypes.

Abstract Art

15 Projects Completed

Abstract projects Emir did mostly for himself, personal projects in his spare time.

Book Covers

15 Projects Completed

Some of the book titles Emir has done:
1. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Law, Society and Politics
2. Quality Engineering
3. Language Learning Motivation: Understanding Dynamics of Foreign Language Classroom
4. Learning From the Past: Exploring the role of Transitional Justice in Rebuilding Trust in a Post-conflict Society
5. Bosnian and Herzegovinians Commercial and Economic Relations with Turkey: The Status of B&H Economy and Recommendations for the Future

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