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Dawid has been a professional Multi-Discipline Designer for 26 years. His focus areas include Graphic Design, Illustration, Book Design. and UI/UX Design. He has extensive experience working within the Tertiary Educational Field. The expertise he obtained from creating Visual Design for pedagogical purposes has taught him that great conceptualization makes up 80% of all successful graphic design.
Apart from working in Tertiary Education, he has also worked in Publishing, the Music Industry and has completed many Freelance projects in a myriad of industries. He works across all Visual Design delivery systems ranging from Print Design and Web Design to Motion design.
Illustration: Digital
Book Covers
Graphic Designer
Web Designer


Dawid specializes in the following Visual Design focus areas.
- Illustration.
- Book Design
- Graphic Design
- UX/UI Design


Some of Dawid's interest areas are:
- Technology
- Education
- Thought Leaders
- Psychology
- Environmental Issues
- Sociology
- Music
- Art
- Motion Design
- Comedy
- Fitness and wellness


Hoërskool Linden

Dawid Passed Matric in 1991 with University Exemption.

Joubert Park Technical College

Dawid did a Graphic Design Course in 1992 at Joubert Park Technical College.

Interaction Design Foundation

Dawid is currently studying UX/UI at the Interaction Design Foundation.


1,000 Projects Completed

Dawid has worked in the Tertiary Education field for more than 20 years. He uses visual design and Illustration to enhance the learning experience.


500 Projects Completed

Dawid has completed more than 500 book projects in the Publishing Industry. He does all the Graphic Design and Technical work for these projects. This includes the book design, photo retouching, illustration, cover design, typesetting, and also indexing.


100 Projects Completed

Dawid has worked on many branding, web campaigns and Music Video projects in the Music Industry.

Illustration: Digital

1,000 Projects Completed

Dawid has extensive experience in Digital Illustration and has created more than 1000 professional illustrations in his career. Many of these Illustrations were created as pedagogical tools in the Educational field and they require outstanding conceptual thinking skills to create.

Book Covers

1,000 Projects Completed

Dawid creates an average of 150 covers per year. He works mostly on non-fiction books, especially within the Educational Field, but also creates Book covers for clients. He currently does extensive cover design work for three specialized publication houses

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