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Daniel is a graphic designer who graduated from The Los Angeles Film School with Cum Lude and is also a member of the NHSEA (National Honor Society of Entertainment Arts). Daniel excels in logo design, digital art/ illustration, photography/photo editing, and brand identity. This means logo re-design and logo creations from scratch, to illustrations of people and ideas to building a brand identity from the ground up. Daniel does his absolute best to satisfy his client's needs, keeping the quality of his work high but also uniquely individual to his clients.
Illustration: Digital
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Daniel specializes in logo design, digital art/illustration, brand identity, and photo editing.


Daniel is interested in working with people from all over the world. He loves to learn and try new things, especially in the creative fields. Daniel loves art and photography, music, and traveling. He gets along well with others and is always up for a challenge.


The Los Angeles Film School

Daniel attended the Los Angeles Film school to pursue his dream of design. When he first started, he wanted to go to school for animation. This wasn't feasible due to him working 3 jobs at once when he started school. The next best option was still a passion and was Graphic Design. Daniel finished school and graduated with honors in his class and started his career.


45 Projects Completed

As a graphic designer, Daniel is skilled in many subjects and loves new projects and challenges. The design industry is his career field and is very vast. If you have any certain questions or requirements feel free to reach out.

Illustration: Digital

14 Projects Completed

Digital illustration was introduced to Daniel at a young age. He first started on Microsoft paint as a child. As the technology evolved over time he learned about other forms of digital art and ever since it's always been one of his favorite mediums. It usually starts off as hand-drawn turned digital and sometimes strictly digital.

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