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Kat, an award-winning graphic designer and web developer based in Northern California, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Media Design, specializing in web development. She approaches each project as an opportunity for growth, always remaining a dedicated student in the ever-evolving world of design. Kat is not just passionate about design; she sees it as a powerful tool for fostering positivity and driving growth in society, culture, and the world.

Her journey as a designer has taken her around the globe, where she has had the privilege of partnering with non-profits and businesses, helping them tackle challenges, both big and small. She is well-versed in the principles of design and committed to staying at the forefront of current trends and technologies.

If individuals are seeking a designer who not only brings creativity and expertise to the table but also a deep commitment to their success, they should connect with Kat. Together, they can bring their vision to life and make a lasting impact in today's dynamic design landscape
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Specializing in Brand Identity, Web Design/Development, Print Design, and Digital Design Kat brings a wealth of expertise to each facet of her craft.

Brand Identity holds a paramount role in any enterprise. Kat collaborates closely with clients and businesses, crafting logos and brand identities that not only bolster credibility but also effectively communicate the client's mission and vision.

In Web /Design Development, Kat's proficiency in HTML, CSS, and responsive design shines through. Her focus lies in crafting responsive, user-centric websites that seamlessly adapt to various devices, ensuring an immersive experience for visitors.

In Print Design, Kat's seasoned expertise allows her to create a diverse array of materials, ranging from newsletters, postcards, and flyers to multi-page catalogs, ensuring each piece resonates with its intended audience.

Navigating the nuances of Digital Design, Kat adeptly designs graphics and assets tailored for web applications, understanding the distinct requirements of the digital sphere to ensure optimal performance and engagement.


Kathy has a variety of interests which include:

Color Theory
Vector Art
Flat Illustration Design
Abstract Photography


Southern New Hampshire University

Degree in graphic and media design with a concentration in web development.

GPA 3.97


8 Projects Completed

Kathy has completed multiple projects for restaurants. the projects include logo design, menu design, brochure design, packaging, and apparel design.

Non Profit

7 Projects Completed

Print design of multi-page invitation
Print design of 300-page auction catalog
Print design for flyers and brochures
Digital design for web assets


5 Projects Completed

Worked on the rebranding of an Insurance and Financial Agency. Also provided marketing collateral and digital design.


5 Projects Completed

Design of social media assets to be used on Instagram.


5 Projects Completed

Completed a set of marketing projects for local businesses. Projects include flyers, landing pages, and stationery.


5 Projects Completed

Website design of a business offering online acting courses.


4 Projects Completed

Designed logo, newsletters, and marketing collateral for a media company that provides services to actors.


3 Projects Completed

Completed website design, social media content, and marketing collateral for construction companies.


1 Projects Completed

Designed multi-page responsive website to showcase photographers work.


15 Projects Completed

Completed projects for various clients to use in fundraising, marketing, and promotion.


10 Projects Completed

Kathy has experience with creating responsive and engaging websites and landing pages for various clients, from non-profits to construction companies.


8 Projects Completed

Kathy has completed logo designs and re-designs for businesses in a variety of sectors. Including restaurants, consulting, education, and media.

Abstract Art

5 Projects Completed

Creating abstract art through the use of photography and manipulation of photographs in Adobe Photoshop.


5 Projects Completed

Email designs to market new products, courses, and monthly newsletters.

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