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Steve is a graphic designer with 30 years experience having fun creating print literature, logos, signage and other marketing materials.

Creating visuals to your web specifications for use by a web designer or in an email campaign is also easy and enjoyable.

A short stint in sales, and years working in corporate marketing departments, provides Steve unusual and great insight to the business decision-making for price, product development, placement, and promotion. Making it easier to work collaboratively with companies of any size.

Steve values your perspective, respects your skills and understands his role as a designer. Knowing he compliments your team in creating successful marketing projects to support your sales process or to inform, influence and move people to take specific actions.

​He enjoys working with text heavy literature projects to create warm and inviting reads. Logo creation for small companies or those going through dramatic shifts has been a wonderful challenge. And product logo development for manufacturers has also lead to great outcomes.

He is applying new knowledge which grows every month in the area of motion graphics and look forward to projects in this area. He has enjoyed the challenge of telling a story in this medium. To see an example of this, view his graphic animation titled "pitch and catch" in the "Motion Graphics" page of my portfolio on this website.
Graphic Designer
Green Products
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Sales collateral/corporate literature supporting sales
Manufacturer's product literature
Promotional print literature
Informational literature to influence change.

Product logos,
Company logos

In-store signage
End-cap aisle display graphics

Marketing visuals for use by a web designer or in an email campaign.

Manufacturers, B2B and B2C businesses.
Sole proprietors, small and mid-size businesses.
Not-for-profit organizations, Universities, School corporations.

For companies going through dramatic shifts, redefining their brand or visual identity; or simply getting important information to their stakeholders.

Specific examples include:
1. One-of-a-kind corporate brochure providing new health care plan information to associates.
2. A print campaign which increased existing product YTD sales by 73%.
3. Garnered positive feedback from yearly subscription members with a re-design of a non-profit's yearly event-season promotional literature.
​4. Document design within existing company branding guidelines.
5. Establishing brand basics such as colors and fonts for small businesses and implementing them in their first promotional materials.


Information-rich design.
B2B marketing.
Developing graphic icons and logos.
Supporting non-profit goals with clear and visually appealing design; pulling in viewers, helping them absorb information, and getting them to take action.


Rochester Institute of Technology


15 Projects Completed

13 years work in the marketing communications department of a manufacturer.
Created materials for our associates
Predominantly focused on sales support materials for our national sales force to the residential and commercial marketplace.
Targeted messages to architects, contractors and distributors.


11 Projects Completed

Working for a manufacturer of residential and commercial insulation, Steve's design work helped inform engineering firm specifiers, contractor owners and installers; encourage architects, and ultimately sell products through distributors.


5 Projects Completed

Designing literature and promotional materials for an insulation manufacturer meant Steve was involved with discussions surrounding energy use, sustainable solutions, environmentally friendly products, and the challenges of selling energy savings to consumers, architects and builders.

Green Products

5 Projects Completed

Helped support the introduction of a new binder technology in insulation.
Trade show displays, signage, sales support collateral.


4 Projects Completed

Steve's work has included graphic design, illustration, logo creation and art direction of in-studio and on location photography.
While his preference and a majority of work has been to increase sales in the B2B environment, Steve also created in-store signage and end-cap aisle displays for a B2C employer and a manufacturer.
Steve helped:
• an independent financial advisor, as well as a franchise owner in a B2B service sector, with direct mail.
• a small business employee health insurance solutions provider with a company capabilities brochure.
• a consumer products company sell to big box retailers with catalogs.
• a world-wide manufacturer with sales support literature.
• Not-for-profit organizations with event support materials and the promotion of annual event series.


4 Projects Completed

Created annual reports for a church organization.
Developed banners for small trade shows.
Designed double-sided sales sheets for retirement solutions.


3 Projects Completed

Developed concepts, wrote copy, selected imagery from stock sources, and designed a postcard series for an independent financial advisor to create awareness and sell his approach to creating sound financial steps toward saving for retirement and other life events.

Non Profit

3 Projects Completed

Annual reports and other materials to support the mission and efforts of a church organization's employees' financial and health insurance services side.
University materials for individual educational departments as well as Alumni office and Convocations and Summer learning.


2 Projects Completed

In house brochure introducing the roll out of a new health insurance plan for associates.
Promotional capabilities brochure for a human resource support company focused on providing the right health insurance plans to companies.


9 Projects Completed

Corporate / company capabilities brochures
Product literature
Sales brochures
Small company tri-fold brochures
Informational brochures
Brochures for not-for-profits

Animation: 2D

3 Projects Completed

Utilizing Adobe After Effects.
Art originally created in Adobe Illustrator.
• Song lyric motion graphic.
• Stop-motion style holiday greeting
• Logo introduction

Case Studies

2 Projects Completed

Research and select professional photographers.
Art direct on location photography.
Design to meet corporate branding layout, fonts and colors.

Direct Mail

2 Projects Completed

Direct Mail postcard on behalf of a school district to provide timely information.
Direct Mail promotion to motivate contractors - potential and existing customers - to purchase specific product during a limited time. This was part of a print promotional campaign which increased sales.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

2 Projects Completed

Steve's hand drawn illustrations begin with large marker or charcoal. These are digitized for use in stop motion style animation or in print materials.
Steve also cut away material for another style of illustration.

Illustration: Digital

2 Projects Completed

Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, Steve creates two-dimensional representational, not photo-realistic images.
• Representing two couples dancing as a strand of lights, a strong concept: "Get Tangled Up In A Good Time" is showcased and sheds humor on a corporate office holiday party.
• Informational graphics illustration:
Representing stages in a process by gears, clearly showcases the order and importance of each stage in the process.


2 Projects Completed

Including manufacturer's product logos and company logos for sole proprietors, Steve's years of experience have included multiple opportunities to work on these wonderful and important challenges facing companies of all sizes.

Showcased in this collection are only two manufacturers product logos.
• Redi-Klad product logo is an icon with the corporate type font aligned alongside.
• Sonic XP product logo is a unique typographical solution. This font was created specifically for the logo.


1 Projects Completed

Online advertisements created to client's specifications.
Print advertisements created to publisher's specifications.

Banner Ad

1 Projects Completed

Made with client supplied branded art.
Design, layout.
Produced to client's requested specifications for posting online.


1 Projects Completed

• Representing stages in a process by gears, clearly showcases the order and importance of each stage in the process.
• Adobe Illustrator

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