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Benjamin is a passionate creative, and educator. He has held positions as lead designer/animator to college instructor and curriculum developer. Ben has written and designed several textbooks on many subjects from the Adobe Suite, Social Media Marketing to Animation, and Design. They're passionate about helping people learn and do what they love; he has volunteered as a coach and mentor to teach kids as a FIRST lego league robotics coach and after school coding and design mentor/instructor. Ben strives every day to take what is ordinary and turn it into something “wicked awesome.”
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Photography: Portrait
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Everything Adobe
Animation & Motion Design
Digital Marketing & Social Media
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Illustration & Graphic Design
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Branding & Content Creation


As a passionate designer, Ben's interests have been filled with any creative challenge he can get his hands on. From animating typographic music videos, designing seamless fashion patterns, laying out a web page or app interface, to anything people can imagine. He is a huge nerd who loves Nintendo, Disney, and the Goofy Movie and would love to help anyone turn the ordinary into something "Wicked Awesome."


Dixie Technical College

While attending Dixie Technical College, Ben took classes in:
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing, Marketing fundamentals, Adobe Suite, Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, Photography & Videography, Print equipment and machinery, and IT fundamentals.

Dixie State University

Ben took classes on the following subjects while at Dixie State University:
Graphic Design, Web Dev, Traditional Animation, 2D Animation & Motion Design, 3D modeling and animation, illustration and character design, gesture drawing and drawing for animation, photography and videography, film and screenwriting


2,000 Projects Completed

Ben has done marketing for a myriad of employers from technical colleges, to web platform-based companies, and fashion/e-commerce businesses.
For example, as a marketing specialist for DxATC, Ben ran their social media analytics and targeted ad campaigns. He also was in charge of their photography and videography and would run all the equipment for events and studio shot productions.
At Janela Bay Swimwear, Ben ran their social media ads and created banner ads, graphics-based content posts, and did photography/videography for product and lifestyle content.


1,000 Projects Completed

As an instructor for the Digital Media Design department at Dixie Technical College, Ben taught classes from the Adobe Programs, Graphic Design Principles, Illustration, Photography/Videography, 3D Modeling, and Social Media and Marketing. Ben also created and led the school's animation emphasis, a program specializing in 3D animation, 2D Animation, Motion Design, and VFX.
He wrote the curriculum for all the classes within this department in the form of interactive electronic textbooks. The new curriculum is credited for bringing the department from having five students enrolled to close to a hundred with an equally long waiting list.


500 Projects Completed

Ben has held positions from lead videographer and photographer to more creative positions such as motion graphics designer and animator. He has been on many productions from commercials to animated infomercials and music videos.


400 Projects Completed

From marketing and branding materials to swimsuit patterns and prints, Ben has been designing the entire visual appearance of Janela Bay as their senior designer. He has designed all their modern seamless repeated patterns for their swimsuits and set up their printing process to help match their product to the physical color they need. Ben captures and edits all of their product, model, and marketing photography and creates their print and video ads as well.


200 Projects Completed

Benjamin designed the interface for multiple websites, such as,,,, and his personal site among many others. He also helped design app interfaces and experiences for mobile applications and games.


100 Projects Completed

Ben has designed multiple interfaces for mobile applications and games, as well as animated and illustrated a wide number of assets from icons to characters and backgrounds.


100 Projects Completed

Ben has been involved with marketing, designing, and maintaining multiple e-commerce sites through Shopify, WordPress, Magento, etc. As well as running analytics through Facebook, Google, Clickfunnels, and more.


50 Projects Completed

Ben has created 3D and 2D assets for a number of games on mobile platforms, as well as interface and menu design for their user experience.


1,000 Projects Completed

Whether it is digital for email or social media, or physical in the form of a banner or flyer, Ben can help you layout any advertisement to help convert viewers into customers and pull eyes onto a brand.

Illustration: Digital

600 Projects Completed

Ben can create digital illustrations using vector-based programs like Illustrator and Figma or more traditional drawing programs like Procreate and Photoshop. Illustrated backgrounds, assets, or icons are all things Ben can help with. Just list the style necessary or provide a reference, and Ben will create what is needed.

Photography: Portrait

500 Projects Completed

Portrait editing or photography. Let Ben know what vibe is being aimed for with a portrait, and he will help get the perfect photograph.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

500 Projects Completed

Using Photoshop, Procreate, or Corel Painter, Ben can help create any form of illustration you may need, from backgrounds to assets. Describe a style to aim for or send a reference, and he will create in whatever style necessary.

Animation: 2D

500 Projects Completed

Motion Graphics and 2D Animation is a strong suit of Benjamin's. Whether for video, animated logo or icons, social media post, user interface, or anything else imaginable, Ben can help bring some beautifully satisfying motion to any need.

Video Editing

300 Projects Completed

Any video editing task from traditional NLA editing in Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro or more advanced editing through motion graphics and VFX, Ben can assist in taking footage from the camera to completed production.

Banner Ad

250 Projects Completed

Using anything from Illustration, photo composite, or typographic. Ben can help create banner ads for just about any situation thinkable.

Photography: Products

250 Projects Completed

Using proper lighting and a studio setting, Ben can help capture and edit the perfect product photo for any personal or amazon e-commerce listing. He can also help capture compelling lifestyle product photos to match the vision of any product.

Photography: Events

200 Projects Completed

Whether editing to remove people and unnecessary objects out of existing event photos or to capture the moment effectively of an upcoming event is needed, Ben can help any vision become a reality.


200 Projects Completed

Ben can Animate infographics or design them traditionally. He will help create a compelling infographic that will effectively and legibly present any information in any creative style imaginable.


150 Projects Completed

Any typographic brochure or pamphlet Ben can help bring it from something that looks like it was thrown together with a template in word to something exceptional and eye-catching.


150 Projects Completed

Let Ben help capture or edit any commercial, event, or story effectively to tell a compelling story through video. He can edit using Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro.


100 Projects Completed

Corporate, Simple, Lighthearted, Illustrated, and more. Ben can help develop a logo that will effectively represent any brand and be immediately recognizable. He can also animate a logo reveal and interaction for an existing or newly created logo.

Animation: 3D

100 Projects Completed

If 3D modeling for 3D printing or other media or animation and motion graphics is needed, Ben can help bring the ideas to the third dimension.

Book Covers

50 Projects Completed

Ben has Illustrated and Designed book covers from textbooks to children's storybooks. Whether a clean and straightforward text-based graphic or a full-on Illustration is needed, he will help get the needed cover created.


50 Projects Completed

Using Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma for user flows and interface design, Ben can create a beautiful experience for any new website. He can also help create and maintain websites through standard HTML CSS and Javascript or platforms like WordPress and Shopify.


20 Projects Completed

Ben helped layout and compose eBooks he wrote himself and ebooks for events and novels. Ben can also create an animated or interactive eBook if that would satisfy any digital reading needs.

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