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Wendy has been writing since she was a child. Being homeschooled until seventh grade, Wendy's mother chose to focus on honing her communication skills at an early age.

At age 20, she graduated with a BA in written communication, during which time she had an internship assisting in writing scripts for a radio program. After graduation, she spent four years at the FBI where she proofread and edited the agents reports, since many of them detested writing.

Now a stay-at-home wife and former homeschooling mom to two boys, Wendy stays busy working on a brand new business venture helping small business owners manage their marketing tasks so they can focus on what they do best.

She took a break from WriterAccess the past several years to focus on other career aspirations.

------------- Client Comments from 2013 thru 2017------------

"Thank you for the good article. I look forward to hiring you many times again!!!!"


"It was very good and FAST!! Thanks so much!"

"Superb article, Wendy! Client is very pleased. Thanks!"

"Wow. What an amazing turnaround! I have quickly skimmed and love it already...so happy! You are a life saver. Thank you!"

"You are so fast, Wendy. Thank you!"

"I wish you could see the paper I printed out. So many areas have "love", "love", "love" all over them! Can't thank you enough."

"Thanks again Wendy. I appreciate your expediency!"

"Love it!! Thanks so much!"

"Great job, especially using the kindergarten curriculum as an example. Thanks."
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Wendy writes in a clear and concise way and has written in several different industries, including, but not limited to, education, medical, legal, real estate, relationships, kids/family, self-help, beauty, food, politics, and government.

Wendy enjoys the versatility of writing topics as a freelancer and has written many articles with SEO-rich content, blog posts, and product descriptions and email campaigns.

She excels in papers requiring painstaking, detailed research and a serious, professional tone. She has also enjoyed writing in a variety of styles for projects such as self-help articles and blog posts.

Since 2020, she has taught herself (through books and mentors) about marketing strategy and is now able to implement that knowledge more mindfully as she writes for clients.


She is busy (and interested) in raising her two boys, now eleven and fourteen years old. She is a stay-at-home mom whose main purpose is to be present and available to care for her family.

Wendy, among other active pursuits, loves to read and takes weekly library trips during the summer. Writing needs fuel. Books are her fuel.


20 Projects Completed

She has spent a lot of time researching everything from how to mow your lawn properly to getting rid of lanternflies. Her strength is being able to research virtually anything and write cohesively on a topic in an engaging way.


16 Projects Completed

She has been immersed in marketing for the past year, specifically, and has written many blog posts geared toward small business owners on the importance of various strategies and how-to guides to direct them through these tasks simply.

Her most recent self-education has included about ten books by various marketing experts (or self-proclaimed gurus) on marketing and effective strategies, so much of her work is now implementing more streamlined and traditional concepts geared toward smaller businesses.


2 Projects Completed

She has limited experience with SaaS, but the things she is familiar with include DocuSign, Hubspot, Slack, and MailChimp.


300 Projects Completed

She has had over a decade of writing/copywriting experience. Her previous employers used her skills daily and she is am now working freelance to help other businesses tighten up their content to make it start working for them.


8 Projects Completed

Again, she doesn't typically count my projects by style type; but I have been writing newsletters especially frequently this past year. The purpose of a newsletter is to engage your warm leads by nurturing them with valuable content and keeping your business front of mind for when they are finally ready to purchase.

She is very comfortable with long-form newsletters that have a bullet point structure; but is happy to work in a different style if that is what's desired.

Case Studies

6 Projects Completed

She has been writing case studies more frequently in the past year, though she has written others before (her mind is just a muddle.. she doesn't typically count types of content).

These pieces of content are extremely helpful when trying to give 'social proof' to your audience base and demonstrate how your product or service helped your customers succeed or eliminated their pain points.

She is comfortable with the interview process required to collect the story and take the necessary time to write it in a compelling and story-like manner.


2 Projects Completed

She has created two e-books for her previous employer and is on the cusp of creating two more, one for herself and one for a client.

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