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Experienced Graphic Artist and Designer bringing 5 years' experience applying technical and creative abilities to diverse customer projects. Highly effective at collaborating with artistic, project, production, and administrative leadership to complete tasks according to budget and schedule goals.
Graphic Designer
Illustration: Digital
Illustration: Hand Drawn
Book Covers
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Specialized in:
- Graphic Design
- Logo Design
- Social Media Design
- Brand Identity
- Photo retouching
- Manipulation
- Presentation Slide Design
- Web Design
- Video Editing
- 2D Graphic Design
- Cards & Flyers
- Brochure Design
- Banners & Posters Ad Design
- Infographics
- CV Design
- Email Design
- E-book Design
- Prototyping
- Business Card design
- Marketing
- Newsletter Design
- Menu Design
- Packaging Design
- Whitepaper and Lightpaper design
- UX/ UI Design
- Illustrations
- Social Media Ads.
- Email coding.
- Carousel Ads.
- Web Banners.
- Thumbnails.
- Book Cover Design


Interested In:
- Graphic Design
- Web Development
- Drawing
- Accounting
- Reading
- Writing


Faculty of Arts and Design

Bachelor degree in Graphic Designing from the Faculty of Arts and Design


200 Projects Completed

Experienced Graphic Artist and Designer bringing 5 years' experience applying technical and creative abilities to diverse customer projects. Highly effective at collaborating with artistic, project, production, and administrative leadership to complete tasks according to budget and schedule goals.


17 Projects Completed

Driven Educator with experience using innovative methods and materials to produce effective learning experiences.


150 Projects Completed

Producing effective campaigns for ads. Working closely with clients and companies to convey a message using type, photography, illustration, and color. Responsible for planning a new project or ad campaign. Create eye-catching advertisements. Editing and manipulating Ads presentation according to client specifications.

Illustration: Digital

60 Projects Completed

Creating original pieces of artwork for print and digital publications.
Creating materials from logos to book covers and more. Seamlessly translating messages and ideas into appealing illustrations.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

50 Projects Completed

Creating complete illustrations by combining painting, hand-drawn, and digitally created images.
Refining image design using illustration software.
Enhancing the design concept using a wide range of colors and graphics.
Applying complex isometric techniques to add perspective to design shapes.
Ensuring that printed illustrations meet specified color and quality standards.


45 Projects Completed

Skilled Graphic Artist specializing in Logo Design. Able to create skilled, clear, and brand-specific designs.


30 Projects Completed

Design eye-catching email layouts that lead to higher levels of engagement and increased click-through rates, as well as sales growth where possible


28 Projects Completed

Talented Newsletter Designer offering three years of background in creative copywriting, designing, and editing projects for different platforms.

Book Covers

22 Projects Completed

Creating Book covers appropriate for the genre....

Video Editing

21 Projects Completed

Manipulating and editing film pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience. Taking a brief to grasp the production team’s needs and specifications. Reviewing shooting script and raw material to create a shot decision list based on scenes’ value and contribution to continuity. Trimming footage segments and put together the sequence of the film. Inputting music, dialogues, graphics, and effects. Creating rough and final cuts. Ensuring logical sequencing and smooth running. Consulting with stakeholders from production to post-production process. Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency.


20 Projects Completed

Dedicated Web Designer with a wide range of design styles. Sports to schools, elaborate to minimal, large, or small projects. Solid background in mobile app and secure system design.

Direct Mail

20 Projects Completed

Expertise in direct mail design, including letter layout, reply forms, envelopes, and other mailing elements.


18 Projects Completed

high level of designing eye-catching brochures while ensuring customer satisfaction

Case Studies

17 Projects Completed

Designing up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a particular case or cases, within a real-world context.


17 Projects Completed

• Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers
• Illustrate design ideas using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps
• Design graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, and widgets
• Build page navigation buttons and search fields
• Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like


16 Projects Completed

Taking an infographic story document and mocking up sketches or wireframes for the infographic’s layout & visuals. Visualizing data in innovative ways, teasing out the narrative that effectively tells the story, and using Illustrator, PowerPoint, and other software to communicate that story. Brainstorming new ideas and concepts for clients. Presenting the creative designs to clients.

Banner Ad

15 Projects Completed

Outstanding leadership, drawing and researching talents. Consistently recognized for fresh and innovative ideas. Excellent self-promotion, interpersonal and active listening skills.

Abstract Art

11 Projects Completed

Experienced Abstract Art Designer with an excellent reputation for creating unique art that lives up to customer satisfaction.


10 Projects Completed

e-Book Designing.
Creating original designs for both covers and interiors. Providing design images in a suitable form for the Marketing department.

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